What will your hamper cost and how is it calculated?
One of our core values at Maranoa Beef is to exceed the expectations of our customers, in every way. Our Hamper pricing is developed based on what we know we can promise to deliver, as a minimum.
As we're sure you will understand, not all things in nature are uniform. Each individual body results in varying weights and because minimising wastage is of paramount importance to our business, we utilise every kilo we can to deliver the ultimate, premium hamper to our customer.
The minimum Hamper weights indicated are a guide. More often than not we know our customers will receive just that little bit more than what they paid for!
How does our process work?
Maranoa Beef and Maranoa Lamb products are created using a unique, closed loop, artisan system. In fact, LESS than 6 people will have come into contact with your delivery by the time it reaches your door! Click here to find out more. 


How are hampers packed?

All hampers are delivered sliced, portioned, vacuum sealed and labelled – no leaks, no mess, no fuss – ready to pop straight into the freezer. Vacuum sealed meat is placed into a box to a maximimum weight of 15kg for ease of handling and delivery.

Each box is clearly labelled with the customers’ name and hamper order.

Where do we deliver to?

We deliver predominately to South West and Southern Queensland – from Charleville east to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast; North Theodore and South to Lightning Ridge in NSW.

If you live outside these areas, we’re more than happy to negotiate delivery options. Please contact us here to further discuss.

How does ordering and delivery work?

You can order anytime here, email us via our contact page or call Bec 0429 422 963. Once we have enough orders to equal a full body the processing will begin. This supports sustainability within our business and eliminates wastage. We keep in regular contact with our consumers regarding their order and delivery.

What is the time frame between ordering and delivery? 

To ensure the best quality meat, our butcher cuts no corners.  His processes generate the best quality, most tender and beautifully presented product available.  In order to achieve this there is approximately a 2-week timeframe between ordering and delivery. 

How are hampers delivered?

Our hampers are delivered fresh and in person by Maranoa Beef or by our trusted cold courier partners.  Our mobile cold room unit and that of our courier’s is fully accredited by Food Safe Qld for transporting meat. Upon delivery, it is vitally important that meat is immediately placed into your fridge or freezer, so we need to work together to ensure delivery arrangements support this process.  From our delivery unit straight to your freezer is best.

How do you pay for a hamper?

You can enjoy the convenience of shopping online for our beautiful Beef and Lamb Hampers. Simply click on the Shop tab to view different hamper sizes and choose the one that best suits your needs; then follow the prompts to secure your order.  

With our larger orders, we ask for a deposit equal to half the cost, with the remaining balance due before hampers are shipped to the consumer. After securing your order, we'll be in touch with regards to delivery and payment which can be made via direct deposit or EFT.

Are wecertified organic?

We produce our grass-fed animals utilising natural, wholesome, healthy management systems, however, our farm is not certified organic. Our systems support the highest standards of natural health in our cattle, in our pastures and in our surrounds. All our beef and lamb is free from chemical and hormones and left to graze naturally on the pastures of the Maranoa.

Are our sausages gluten free?

Yes. Our very popular sausages are all made gluten free.

Do we provide grass fed beef bones for stock and broth?

You can choose to have grass fed beef bones as part of your order – something we know many conscious eaters look for to make bone broth, beef stock or to add to a slow cooked meal for extra goodness. The bones are all a collagen rich mixture of marrow bones and joint bones, providing plenty of nourishment.

Bones are cut and bagged in thick, high quality butchers’ bags to ensure contamination does not occur due to a rip or tear from sharp, hard bone edges.  We recommend freezing your bones when you receive them… if you’re not using them straight away!

Grass fed beef bones are $5.00 per kilogram (2kg minimum), in addition to the value of your hamper.

Do we provide grass fed beef offal?

Yes we do!

It is first in best dressed – as we are sure you can understand there is only a certain quantity per animal.  We’re more than happy to discuss your requirements on a needs basis, please contact us here.

Offal will be delivered to you in a separate box to your hamper at $5.00 per kilogram.

Have we missed anything?

If there is anything that you would still like to know that we haven’t covered, or you would just like a little more detail, please contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.  We believe in being 100% transparent in all that we do and we are happy to share! So, if there is anything you would like to know please be sure to let us know.