Maranoa Lamb


With cattle grazing contently and galahs sheltering among the trees, the gentle bleating of lambs also sounds across “Pine Tree”. Mother ewes attentively teach their offspring to graze, while Bam Bam the Ram (as he’s been named by Maggie and Beau), casually roams amongst the sweet, nourishing grasses.

An additional offering to Maranoa Beef’s valued customers, Maranoa Lamb sees our line of produce extend to deliver not just premium quality beef but superior, 100% natural lamb. Envisaged after many customers began to enquire about sourcing premium quality lamb, direct from the farm, Maranoa Lamb aligns with our well-established philosophies and is a testament to the connections we’ve established with our consumers.

Launching in 2019, the initiative came to life with Beau and Maggie even investing their pocket money towards the purchase of a small herd of ewes and Bam Bam the ram. To top up our supply while Beau and Maggie work on their herd increase, we source ethically produced lambs direct from producers in the Maranoa region. These lambs have been born and raised on the beautiful downs country of the Maranoa Region which produces a variety of nutrient rich, sweet, wholesome grasses.

Maranoa Lamb is a premium quality eating experience that our customers say is unlike any other in the marketplace.  A tender, juicy and uniquely flavoursome product that consistently exceeds expectations.

Young Entrepreneurs: Maranoa Lamb's Beau and Maggie Beissel

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