Adrian Richardson's Texas-style Maranoa Beef Burgers

Burgers with a Texan twist were on the menu in the second episode of The Chef’s Secret – Cooking with Natural Gas, as celebrity chef Adrian Richardson continued his travels throughout regional Queensland, visiting Maranoa Beef.

Stating that Maranoa Beef produce some of the best beef in the country, we were thrilled to have Adrian share his recipe and cooking tips with us.

“I am going to show you the secret to barbecuing Texas-style burgers with sustainable beef!” said Adrian.

“This region gives us the gas for our BBQs, and the delicious meat to cook with it.”

Adrian made quick work of these burgers that were bursting with Texan flavour.

“The tip to cooking burgers on the barbie is to add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil onto the barbecue and don’t have it too hot.

“Hear that sizzle? That’s what you want to hear!” he said.

A highlight of 2019, Adrian’s visit was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our beautiful produce and an experience we’ll never forget.

See below for the full episode and click here for the recipe.

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