Paddock to Plate: Our Closed Loop Artisan System

Maranoa Beef and Maranoa Lamb products are created using our unique, closed loop, artisan system. In fact, LESS than 6 people will have come into contact with your delivery by the time it reaches your door! That is very rare and extremely valuable. Here’s how we do it...

Small, Artisan Processor – processes the live animal and moves the Beef and Lamb bodies into sealed, cold room storage. This processor personally delivers the body to the Butcher at the end of our specialised aging process. (2 people)

Small, Artisan Butcher – breaks the body down into the various cuts. The meat is then packed, vacuum sealed, labelled and placed into a box. The box is sealed, labelled with the delivery details and placed into cold storage. (2 people) So at this point an absolute maximum of 4 people have been in contact with the vacuum sealed packs of meat.

Delivered to your door – For customers in South West Qld and Northern NSW – Maranoa Beef personally delivers to your door (1 person). For our customers in South Qld – due to the distance from our farm, we engage our trusted cold freight couriers to deliver to your door – this process involves a maximum of two drivers who handle only the outside of the sealed box. (2 people)

Maranoa Beef and Maranoa Lamb products are literally straight from our farming family to massive processing and boning rooms, no packing lines, it's never handled by other customers, never picked up on a shelf and put down, never unnecessarily touched by anyone...Only our trusted, fully food safe accredited processing and delivery partners. Part of delivering the 'Ultimate Eating Experience' every single time means assuring our customers’ peace of mind – we never cut corners on quality, safety or integrity.

We invite you to share in our story and taste the Maranoa Beef & Maranoa Lamb difference, fully knowing exactly where your food has come from.

For a full list of available Beef and Lamb Hampers click here.

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  • Hi Caroline, thank you for your message. We can definitely offer you free delivery to Newport, however, will have to get back to you with a delivery quote to Burnett Heads and will be in touch very soon. Can I ask which hamper/s you would be interested in?
    Thanks, Bec.

    Bec Beissel on
  • Hello, just checking delivery destinations please.
    Burnett Heads 4670
    Newport 4020
    Thank you

    Caroline on

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